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  • Hole Saw
    Hole saw refers to a special circular saw for cutting circular holes in modern industry or engineering. It is simple and flexible to operate, easy to carry, safe and widely used. The hole saw is installed on an ordinary electric drill, which can easily cut round holes, square holes, triangular holes Read More
  • Tap
    Tap is a tool for processing internal threads. According to the shape, it can be divided into spiral groove tap, edge angle tap, straight groove tap and pipe thread tap. According to the use environment, it can be divided into hand tap and machine tap. For metric, American, and imperial taps, etc. T Read More
  • Router Bit
    The router bit is the main working tool of the milling machine. A router bit is a rotary tool with one or more teeth for milling. When working, each cutter tooth cuts off the allowance of the workpiece intermittently in turn. router bits are mainly used for machining planes, steps, grooves, forming Read More
  • Chisel
    A chisel is a steel tool with a cutting edge at the end of the shank or handle. The chisel is usually held in one hand at right angles to the surface of the object to be carved and struck with a mallet held in the other hand. Carvers use chisels to carve stone, wood, metal, or other materials, while Read More
  • Drill Chucks
    The drill chuck is composed of a drill jacket, an elastic ring, a connecting block and a back cover. Drill chucks are mainly used for domestic DC and AC drills. Its biggest advantage is that it is easy to lock, as long as you hold the front and rear sleeves of the collet and tighten it to use. Depen Read More
  • Wire Brushes
    Wire brushes are commonly used in steel or aluminium surface treatment plants and are mounted on a fully automatic high-speed brush polishing machine (brushing machine) by a series of stainless steel wire brush rollers. The wire brush roller rotates the brush to remove the iron oxide sheet at high s Read More

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