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Drill Chucks

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The drill chuck is composed of a drill jacket, an elastic ring, a connecting block and a back cover. Drill chucks are mainly used for domestic DC and AC drills. Its biggest advantage is that it is easy to lock, as long as you hold the front and rear sleeves of the collet and tighten it to use. Depending on the internal structure of the drill chuck, the suitable electric drill is also different.

The three main parameters of a drill chuck are accuracy, clamping force and clamping range. Accuracy is used to control the runout of tools such as clamping shanks to ensure the accuracy of machining holes. The clamping force is to ensure that the gripped shank tools do not slip, and prevent the shank tools from being unable to work due to the slippage of the shank tools. In general, the accuracy of the chuck used on the bench drill is higher, while the accuracy of the chuck used on the hand drill is relatively low. The clamping range is used to control the minimum and maximum diameters of the collet clamping tool to meet the needs of the work. Under normal circumstances, the maximum clamping range is only about 0.3mm larger than the size of the chuck. If it is too large, it will greatly waste materials and increase the production cost of the chuck. Theoretically, the minimum clamping range can be made very small, but if it is too small, the reject rate of the manufacturer will increase and the cost will be increased.

Drill chucks are structurally divided into two categories: wrench type and hand-tight type. Wrench-type drill chucks need to be tightened with a pull wheel, and are mainly used in the machine tool industry, such as bench drills and hand drills. The hand-tight drill chuck is mainly used for hand electric drills by holding the front and rear sleeves to tighten the chuck. Since the wrench drill chuck is tightened by the pull wheel, and the pull wheel is a bevel gear with an extended arm, it can increase the torque input during the tightening process. Strong hold. Due to the advantages of simple structure, easy processing of parts, low price and reliable performance, the wrench collet has a wide range of uses.

Wrench chucks can be divided into light, medium and heavy according to their use. The difference between light and heavy mainly depends on the structure of the silk ferrule. The light-duty collet nut is stamped and formed, and the heavy-duty is cold-extruded, with high strength.

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