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  • Aug
    Main Technical Conditions Of Twist Drill (2)

    Main Technical Conditions Of Twist Drill (2) 1). DimensionsDrill diameterThe values indicated in the relevant dimensional standards apply in respect of the diameter of Twist Drills.Test p

  • Aug
    Main Technical conditions of twist drill (1)

    The twist drill is the most common type of drill. The shank of the drill is held by the machine tool, which in turn imparts a rotary motion. This shank may be straight or tapered. The body of the drill is typically made up of two spiral grooves known as flutes, which are defined by a helix angle tha

  • Feb
    Several kinds of drill bits for rock drilling

    在针头系列产品中, -字形针头已经成为个重要的系列产品。直径在32~48 mm之间,十字针头的刀片在三刃针头的基础上进行了改进,增个力片按照一字形布置。耐磨损性要明显的高子字型针头,据测算可以增加 30%~50%。一字形针头的几何形状稳定,加工工艺简单且可以保证质量,固定片的质量容易保证,纤凿的碎点多操作方便,对各种岩层的适应性较强在煤矿和隧道生产中此类针头可以适应韧性强裂隙和磨蚀岩层的开凿。④球形齿纤头结构。球形齿针头是在适应大功率液压凿岩机而设计的,主要是适应生成效率提高与减小劳动量而设计的。球形齿针头采用的多事硬质合金刀片,其形状在针头上的呈现同心圆型。

  • Jan
    Maintenance method of diamond saw blade

    1. If the diamond saw blade is not used immediately, it should be folded from the saw table and applied with anti-rust oil, and then lay it flat or hang it with the inner hole. Do not stack other objects or footsteps on the flat diamond saw blade. And pay attention to moisture and rust prevention.  

  • Dec
    Introduction of taps

    As a common tool for processing internal threads, taps can be divided into spiral flute taps, blade inclination taps, straight flute taps and pipe thread taps according to their shapes. According to the use environment, they can be divided into hand taps and machine taps. Divided into metric, Americ

  • Dec
    Types of diamond saw blades

    Types of diamond saw blades 1. Classified by saw blade structureUnder such classification standards, we can divide diamond saw blades into wide flume diamond saw blades, segmental diamond saw blades, flume diamond saw blades, keyhole diamond saw blades, turbine saw blades, bowl saw blades, and so on

  • Nov
    masonry bit and other normal masonry tools

    Product Description1. Profile: milled;2. Overall fine heat treatment;3. High quality standard YG8C carbide tip;4. Fine #40 Cr material body.Milled Masonry Drill Bits Chrome Blasted.Material: Tip, high quality YG8C carbide tip; body, fine #40 Cr;Sizes available: dia from 3-40mm; length from 50-650mm.

  • Nov
    How is diamond used

    Diamond, which is a mineral composed of carbon elements, has a chemical formula of C. Diamond is the hardest substance naturally occurring in nature. The absolute hardness of diamond is 4 times that of corundum and 8 times that of quartz. The detailed absolute hardness is as follows:Diamond: 10000-2

  • Aug
    4341/4241 HIGH SPEED STEEL

    4341/4241 HIGH SPEED STEELApplications: It is mainly used to produce drill, tap, turning tool saw bit and high efficiency wood tool. Characteristic: It is an economical low alloy high-speed steel with good hardness, good toughness and thermal plasticity. It is generally used under soft and moderate

  • Aug

    W9(9341) HIGH SPEED STEEL Applications: It can be used to produce different kinds of too instead of W18 and M2. Characteristic: It is current HSS developed in our country .Its W6Mo5Cr4V2(M2). Chemical Composition:(%) C:0.82 W:9.00 Mo:3.00 Cr:4.10 V:1.50 Mn:0.30 Si:0.30 P≤0.03 S≤0.02 Delivery status

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