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A chisel is a steel tool with a cutting edge at the end of the shank or handle. The chisel is usually held in one hand at right angles to the surface of the object to be carved and struck with a mallet held in the other hand. Carvers use chisels to carve stone, wood, metal, or other materials, while printmakers use chisels to make woodblock printing plates. Chisels used in woodcuts are often referred to simply as straight chisels to distinguish them from curved chisels.

When using a chisel to drill holes, generally hold the handle of the chisel with the left hand and the hammer with the right hand. When drilling the hole, the chisel needs to be shaken on both sides. The half mortise is chiseled on the front, and the through hole needs to be chiseled about halfway from the back of the component, and then the front side is chiseled again until it is penetrated.

Chisels have different shapes and classifications according to different uses.

Flat chisel: the knife edge is flat, the knife edge and the chisel body are in an inverted isosceles triangle, mainly used for opening square holes or repairing some square holes.

Oblique chisel: The knife edge is at a 45° angle, and the knife edge and the chisel body are in an inverted right-angled triangle. It is mainly used for repairing, and most of them are used for carving and repairing some dead corners of engraving.

Round chisel: The blade is semi-circular and is mainly used to open circular holes or elliptical holes.

Diamond chisel: The blade is V-shaped, which is rare now, and is mainly used for carving and repairing.

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