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Hole Saw

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Hole saw refers to a special circular saw for cutting circular holes in modern industry or engineering. It is simple and flexible to operate, easy to carry, safe and widely used. The hole saw is installed on an ordinary electric drill, which can easily cut round holes, square holes, triangular holes, straight lines and curves on any curved surfaces such as planes and spheres of various plates such as copper, iron, stainless steel, and plexiglass.

Hole saw have different diameters and specifications according to different sizes of circles. At the same time, according to the depth of opening, they are divided into two types: standard hole saws and deep load hole saws. It is installed in hand drills and impact drills. , radial drill and other power tools.

There are two common types: fixed diameter and variable diameter. Variable diameter hole saws are often used in indoor and outdoor decoration.

Fixed diameter hole opener, there are ordinary type, impact type, water-cooled type, of which the water-cooled type is often used for wall openings, with high work efficiency and beautiful openings.

According to the material classification: bimetal hole saw, carbide hole saw, diamond hole saw. Different materials are used to cut different materials. The most commonly used is bimetal hole opener. Hard alloy is recommended for hard metal materials, and diamond is recommended for fragile materials such as glass, carbon fiber, and ceramics. device.

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