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HSS 1/2" Reduced Shank Drill Bits (TD-016)

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HSS 1/2" Reduced Shank Drill Bits
Made from High speed steel, Standard right hand spiral.
135 degree split point for quick start and no walk application.
118 degree point angle design for general purpose are available on request.
HSS cobalt high speed steel are available on request.

1/2" Reduced Shank Drills are used for drilling holes larger than the capacity of a 1/2" drill chuck. Reduced shank drills should only be used for light to medium duty drilling applications as they do not have the torque strength of a straight shank drill. Reduced shank is not as hard as the body of drill to allow more flex and less breakage.
For drilling applications in a wide range of normal ferrous and non-ferrous metals as well asnon-metallic materials.

Black oxide finish or Bright finish or Titanium Coated are available on request.
Round Shank or 3 Flat Shank are available on request.
Drill Bits Set are available on request.
Size available:
All drills have 1/2" Reduced Shank, 3" Flute Length and 6" Overall Length.


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