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DIN1869 HSS Parabolic Flute Deep Hole Extra Long Drill Bits

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Model Number: HSS Parabolic Flute Deep Hole Drill Bits
Type: Twist Drill Bit
Material: High Speed Steel, HSS-Co
Use: Metal Drilling
Product Name: Fully Ground Heavy Duty Spiral Parabolic Flute HSS Deep Hole Drill Bit
Process: Fully Ground
Standard: DIN1869
Point Angle: 135 Degree Split Point
Shank: Straight Shank
Helix Angle: Type N Spiral Flute Right Hand
Size: 2-13mm
Surface Finish: Bright Finish
Application: For Deep Hole Drilling
  • TD-012
  • 8207509000

HSS Parabolic Flute Deep Hole Drill Bits

Hardened high speed steel body provides additional safeguard.

135 degree split point angle, bright finish.

Parabolic Flute Deep Hole Drill Bits have a good rigidity and stability. The larger flute makes it easy to removal the chips. The point of the drill has two type, which includes Cross type and S type, such grinding method makes the drill easy to penetrate to the workpiece and suitable to drill deep hole.

Parabolic Flute Deep Hole Drill Bits are for deep hole drilling at higher feed rates in aluminum alloys and other low to medium tensile strength materials.

HSS cobalt high speed steel are available on request.

Drill Bits Set are available on request.

Long length or Ex-long Length Parabolic Flute Deep Hole Drill Bits are available on request.

Metric Size are available (DIN338 Standard):

1.0mm ~ 13.0mm by 0.1mm

Set are available:

1.5 ~ 6.5mm x 13 PCS set

1.0 ~ 10mm x 19 PCS set

1.0 ~ 13mm x 25 PCS set

Inch Size are available (ANSI B94.11M-1993 Standard):

Fractional Size: 1/64" ~ 1/2"

Letter Size: A ~ Z

Wire Gage Size: 1# ~ 52#

Set are available:

1/16" ~ 1/4" x 13 PCS set

1/16" ~ 3/8" x 21 PCS set

1/16" ~ 1/2" x 29 PCS set

Product Name: DIN1869 Fully Ground Heavy Duty Spiral Parabolic Flute HSS Deep Hole Drill Bit for Metal etc.

Material:HSS (HSS-Cobalt is Available)

Process:Fully Ground (Rolled & Polished, Rolled, Milled are Available)

Standard: Extra Long DIN1869 (DIN338, Stub DIN1897, Long DIN340,

               Blacksmith Reduced Shank 10mm, 13mm, DIN345 Taper Shank are Available)

 6,12 inch Airctraft Extensoin (Jobber Length, Stub Screw Machine Length, Long Taper Length, Silver & Deming 1/2" Reduced Shank are Available)

Size:1-13mm, 1/16" - 1" 

Point Type: 135 Degree Split Point (118 Degree Regular Point, Turbo Max Point, Pilot Point   are Available)

Shank Type: Straight Shank (Hex Shank, Tri-Flats Shank, Double R Hex Shank, Reduced Shank,

                    Threaded Hex Shank, Taper Shank are Available)

Helix Angle: Regular Spiral Type N (Slow Spiral Type H, Fast Spiral Type W,   Left Hand Spiral are Available)

Web &   Flute Type Regular Web & Flute (Thick Web with Parabolic Flute, Heavy Duty Web with Regular Flute   are Available)

Surface Finish:Bright (Black Oxide, Amber Color, Titanium, Black & Gold,   Black & Bright are Available)

Package:10/5 Pcs in PVC Pouch, Plastic Box, Individually in Skin Card, Double Blister, Clamshell.


 1.High-speed steel tools are good for most general purpose applications, offering a combination of hardness and toughness for wear resistance.

 2.No center punch is needed, the aggressive 135° Quick-Cut points are self-centering and penetrate quickly with less pressure. Will not "walk" or "wander".

 3.Precision ground point, flutes, body, clearance and drill diameter for the ultimate in accuracy and performance.

 4.High Speed Steel(HSS) Aircraft Extension Drill Bits are made to the NAS 907 type J, type B standard.

 5.Long flute and overall length design is for jobs requiring extra reach or for deep hole drilling.



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