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Which material is better for stainless steel special drill bits

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The more common metals in CNC machining are copper, aluminum, steel, and stainless steel. Among them, stainless steel is relatively laborious to process due to its high hardness. In this regard, many friends who have just entered the industry often ask: Which material is the best for stainless steel drill bits?

So what kinds of drill bits are commonly used for drilling stainless steel?

1.HSS high speed steel drill bit 2. Cobalt high speed steel drill bit HSS-CO5 material 3. Solid carbide drill bit How to choose one of these 3 drill bits?

1. It depends on the equipment used: the equipment has good rigidity, high speed and high feed, and you can consider choosing a solid carbide drill bit. The reason is that the alloy tungsten steel drill bit itself is hard, wear-resistant and rigid, and is suitable for machining centers and high-speed machine centering machines. Contour rotary processing equipment. Ordinary drilling machines or manual drilling machines are recommended to choose high-speed steel drills or cobalt-containing high-speed steel drills, but high-speed steel drills are relatively cheap compared to cobalt-containing high-speed steel drills, and are suitable for production companies that need to control costs.

2. According to the cost of use: For the purpose of reducing production costs, it is recommended to use high-speed steel drill bits and cobalt-containing drill bits, rather than solid carbide drill bits.

3. Determined according to the processing speed: The processing speed of solid carbide drills is relatively high. It is recommended to choose alloy drills to increase production capacity and speed up production.

Summary: Which material is the best for stainless steel drill bits? There is no specific answer to this, but it is determined according to the actual production needs of customers! However, the production and processing speed of cemented carbide drills is faster, which is suitable for CNC machining centers to improve production efficiency, thereby reducing production costs and increasing profits for factories.

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