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When choosing a taper shank twist drill, what principles should be used (2)

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What principles should be used when choosing a taper shank twist drill?

1. The principle of practicality. The structural form and design parameters of the taper shank twist drill mainly include: performance, specifications, operation, etc., and should have clear and reasonable functions, which should not only meet the production requirements and product quality requirements of the taper shank twist drill, but also minimize the operation time of the taper shank twist drill. Labor productivity should also be adapted to the output of products and taper shank twist drills and the process methods used.

2. The principle of reliability. Reliability is an important indicator of the quality of the beam taper shank twist dril. At present, the reliability design method has been used in the design of mechanical products, which can ensure that the taper shank twist drill can complete the specified function under the specified working conditions and within the specified working time.

3. The principle of creativity. The design of the taper shank twist drill includes inheritance and innovation. When inheriting, special attention should be paid to the existing equipment design, which is not necessarily the best solution. Selectively absorb the reasonable parts of the existing design, and solve the problems of equipment and equipment. Insufficient or unreasonable problems in the system structure form, and innovation on the basis of inheritance, can make a qualitative leap in equipment design or system design.

4. The principle of optimization. There may be more than one feasible design scheme for the tapered shank twist drill, so a variety of design schemes should be considered. After reasoning, analysis, calculation and comparison, the equipment design, system selection, structural form, manufacturing and use conditions can reach the best level and get the best Protective, decorative and required functional coatings to meet the requirements of product use and achieve the most optimized effect in terms of technology and economy.

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