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The function and advantage of pipe brush

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With the development of the times, there are more and more types of brushes on the market. Let me introduce the functions and advantages of the pipe brush to you !

  1. The large-area arc-shaped contact surface is painted on the surface of the 10-100CM pipeline, which improves the production progress and significantly improves the work efficiency.

  2. The pipe brush is used to clean or paint the inside of the pipe, while the brush for brushing the outside of the pipe usually uses a common bristle brush, and a special curved roller brush for pipes, which solves this problem.

  3. As a new type of brush commodity, pipe brushes are widely used, and are often used for deburring of groove edges in hydraulic cutting holes, deburring of piercing holes, machining, and in-hole processing.

  4. The duct brush is suitable for polishing some cone-shaped, conical and venturi-shaped holes, and the spherical brush can easily and conveniently handle the appearance of cylinders, valves, lumen and pipes of various shapes and sizes.

  5. Pipe brushes also have an indelible performance in medicine or pipes. They can clean both sides and tops of pipes. A new type of tube brush with tail has been born.

  6. The pipe brush can be automatically centered and automatically calibrated to perform fine and unique processing on the surface of the hole without affecting the original accuracy and standard of the workpiece. It is economical, convenient, safe and effective.

The above is our summary of the functions and advantages of the pipe brush.

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