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Several kinds of drill bits for rock drilling

Views: 9     Author: Site Editor     Publish Time: 2022-02-25      Origin: Site

①Straight-line drill bit structure. This type of needle is the earliest drill bit used in production in my country, and it is also widely used. The working part of the drill bit is a straight-line carbide tip. Practice has proved that the drill bit has simple structure, easy processing and low cost, and is suitable for rock formations with high integrity, so it has been widely used in the process of production and excavation. However, it has certain defects. If the strength of the needle is low, it will wear quickly and easily get stuck, which often causes damage to the needle itself, which affects the progress; the working part of the fiber head is an arc, and the height of the blade arc and the blade is too large, causing damage Easy to scrap. In the process of rock drilling, the outer end of the rotating blade of the needle head has a great effect, but it will not break the rock, and it is easy to form a triangular hole. case, increased wear and tear. In short. Its production effect is not high, and according to the current situation, it has been eliminated. It can only be seen in a few projects.

②Three-knife drill bit structure. This kind of drill bit is developed on the basis of the original one-shaped type. The structure of the drill bit is a discontinuous needle-blade structure. Since the three-blade Xuan head was developed, many companies have been Through research and development, products based on the basic structure have been continuously introduced, and their forms and materials have also been continuously improved. In the 1980s, a three-edged drill bit was developed. Compared with the three-edged drill bit structure, it has more chipping points and better quality. The tool head matched with carbide material can give full play to the drilling performance, and the geometric shape is also beneficial. Excavation, outstanding anti-wear performance, high speed and not easy to stick, long re-grinding cycle and long life. However, from the manufacturing point of view, its production process is relatively complex, so the wood production is relatively high. Compared with other drill bits, the maintenance of the three-blade drill bit is relatively simple, which can reduce maintenance work during the production process, and also relatively reduce the cost of production organization. Practice has proved that the optimal diameter of the three-blade fiber head should be between 32 and 40 mm, and the rock layers with the highest generation efficiency are brittle rocks and monolithic and fractured rock layers.

③Cross-shaped drill bit structure. The cross-shaped drill bit also appeared at the same time as the three-blade drill bit. my country was the first to achieve success in the in-line drill bit and the cross drill bit, and it will be designed, applied and produced. In the drill bit series, the cross-shaped drill bit has become an important series of products. The diameter of the cross bit is between 32 and 48 mm, and the blade of the cross bit is improved on the basis of the three-edged bit.

The force pieces are arranged in a line. The cross-shaped drill bit with obvious wear resistance can be increased by 30% to 50% according to estimates. The geometry of the in-line drill bit is stable, the processing technology is simple and the quality can be guaranteed, the quality of the fixed piece is easy to guarantee, the broken points of the fiber chisel are easy to operate, and the adaptability to various rock formations is strong. The drill bit can be adapted to the excavation of tough fissures and abrasive rock formations.

④Ball tooth drill structure. The spherical tooth bit is designed to adapt to high-power hydraulic rock drills, mainly to improve generation efficiency and reduce labor. The multi-tasking carbide insert used in the spherical tooth drill bit has a concentric shape on the drill bit. The wear resistance of spherical teeth is the largest and has higher strength, followed by conical spherical teeth and the lowest, but the efficiency of rock drilling is completely opposite. Therefore, different spherical tooth drill bits should be selected according to different situations in the generation, and the matching situation of the equipment should also be considered. In medium-hard rock formations, one should choose a ball tooth or a bit with a conical tooth. At the same time, it should be noted that the number of teeth is also an important structural parameter. There are many types of ball teeth, and their diameter and number of teeth are also different, so their working conditions are also different. . Practice has proved that the application range of such drill bits is brittle and corrosive rock formations, which are characterized by fast speed, high stability, coarse rock powder and long service life.

⑤Alloy composite drill bit. Carbide composite drill bits are developed on the basis of a variety of needles, which combine the advantages of flake and spherical drill bits, highlighting the comprehensive performance. The blades with strong rock drilling energy are set on the edge of the drill bit, and the spherical teeth with high rock drilling efficiency are set in the middle, which concentrates the advantages of the above-mentioned various fiber heads. Compared with the traditional one-word, three-blade, cross, spherical and other needles, it has the characteristics of high speed, long life, small grinding amount, stable quality, material saving and low cost. The technical indicators and economic indicators reflected in the application have exceeded those of the traditional drill bit. The measurement of various comprehensive experimental characteristics shows that the drilling stability and speed are good, which is 1.5 times that of the in-line drill bit, and the number of grinding times is significantly reduced; It is 2 to 4 times of the spherical fiber head; the cost of chiseling is also reduced. The cost of the hole with the same diameter is only 1/5 of the flat-shaped drill head and 1/3 of the spherical drill head, and the operation is labor-saving and convenient.

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