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Common types of wire brush

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Wire Brushes is a general term for metal wire abrasives. Our common wire brushes are generally used for cleaning large metal surfaces, rust removal and paint removal for corrosion of weld scale before welding, and cleaning of ship steel tanks, etc. Steel wires of different types and diameters need to be selected for different purposes, and the thickness of the wires can be determined according to different needs.

According to the specific properties of the wire brush, it can be divided into the following categories:

01: bowl cup wire brush

02: circular brush

03: chimney brush

04: gun cleaning brush

01: bowl cup wire brush twist knot & crimped wire

As one of the most common wire brushes, bowl cup wire brush is widely used for cleaning and removing rust of the appearance of large machinery. Due to different uses, steel wires of different diameters are selected for manufacture, and the more common ones are twist knot wire brushes and crimped wire brushes.

02: circular brush twist knot & crimped wire

Circular brush is generally made of twist knot and crimped wires, there are two types of twist knot: single row and double row. Circular brush is often used to clean narrow places such as various pipe ports of machines and the sides of small machines.

03: chimney brush

The brush portion of the chimney brush is soft and diffuse. It is often used to clean the pipes of the machine and other places that need to go deep. It can be used with an extension rod.

04: gun cleaning brush

Gun cleaning brushes are used to clean the calibers of various guns including rifles and pistols, commonly used in calibers such as 20 gauge and 45cal.

Ps: All operators and other personnel in areas where brushes are being used must wear safety goggles or face shields.

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