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Key Type Drill Chuck Heavy Duty (DC-82106)

  • DC-82106
Product features:
High precision & durability, it has been applied for metal cutting machines. Moreover, its fashional appearance will make the machines extraodinary.
The applicable range:
Heavy-duty, ultra-heavy duty tasks, it is commonly used in lathe, miller, CNC and woodworking machinery. It may endure high-speed cutting.
Accuracy inspection:
It utilizes two different diam. And length checkrod to examine the radial skip. Large rod Φ 13 length 105mm, small rod Φ 6 length 65mm. The max. Radial skip of this product will not exceed 0.16mm. It reaches to national standard A Level accuracy criterion. The drillspanner wheel hole hardness is HRC48-50, grip jaw nut is HR53-55, spanner wheel; External sleeve are HRC48-50. The rear taperyses the drill clamp cone gauge (GB-11855) for its painted inspection. The contact-time is no less than 85%. It is 70% higher than the national standard. Torque: GB/T6087-93 fixed input 24MM. Output 14N. M. The product may maximumly input 50N. M and ouput 7N. M. With no damage to various spares of the drill chuck.

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