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HSS Twist Drill Bits Roll-Forged Black Finish

Product Name:DIN338 Jobber Length Straight Shank Roll Forged HSS Twist Drill Bit for Metal Stainless Steel
Material:HSS (HSS Cobalt is Available)
Process:Roll Forged (Fully Ground, Edge Ground, Milled are Available)
Standard: DIN338 (Stub DIN1897, Long DIN340, Extra Long DIN1869, Blacksmith Reduced Shank 10mm, 13mm,
DIN345 Taper Shank are Available)
Jobber Length (Stub Screw Machine Length, Long Taper Length, Airctraft Extensoin, Extra Long 12", 18", 24",Silver & Deming 1/2" Reduced Shank are Available)
Size: 1 - 20mm, 1/16" - 1" , A - Z, 1# - 90#
Point Type: 118 Degree Regular Point (135 Degree Split Point, Turbo Max are Available)
Shank Type: Straight Shank (Hex Shank, Tri-Flats Shank, Double R Hex Shank, Reduced Shank,Taper Shank are Available)

  • TD-003
  • 8207509000

Helix Angle:Regular Spiral Type N  (Slow Spiral Type H, Fast Spiral Type W, Left Hand Spiral are Available)

Flute Type:Regular Flute  (Parabolic, Heavy Duty are Available)

Surface Finish:Black Oxide  (Bright, Amber Color, Titanium, Black & Gold, Black & Bright are Available)

Package:10/5 Pcs in PVC Pouch, Plastic Box, Individually in Skin Card, Double Blister, Clamshell.

Economical high speed steel bit for general drilling.
Hot roll-forged flute with special heat treatment gives additional toughness with increased durability of the drill bit.
118 degree point angle design for general purpose, or 135 degree split point angle.
Black oxide finish for greater resistance to wear.
For drilling in steel, cast steel, malleable iron, sintered metal, non-ferrous metal and plastic.
Drill Bits Set are available on request.

Metric Size are available (DIN338 Standard):
1.0mm ~ 13.0mm by 0.1mm
Sets are available:
1.5 ~ 6.5mm x 13 PCS set
1.0 ~ 10mm x 19 PCS set
1.0 ~ 13mm x 25 PCS set

Inch Size are available (ANSI B94.11M-1993 Standard):
Size: 1/16" - 1" , A - Z, 1# - 90#

Set are available:
1/16" ~ 1/4" x 13 PCS set
1/16" ~ 3/8" x 21 PCS set
1/16" ~ 1/2" x 29 PCS set
115 PCS set etc.


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